Cassandra Belly Dance

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Classes at Bellywood, Salem

Belly Dance Fundamentals and Technique

Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:30

Beginning level class, focusing on the fundamentals and basics of belly dancing. 

You will learn many different steps, body isolations, shimmies and much more. 

May also touch on veil and finger cymbals from time to time.

Belly Dance Technique: Intermediate

Tuesdays 6:15 – 7:15


This is an intermediate level class, focusing on more advanced fundamentals and technique. 

Combinations will be used to work on isolations, steps and traveling moves. 

In this class you will learn finger cymbals and veil.

Belly Dance Technique: Advanced

Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30

This is an advanced level class that focuses on strong technique, playing finger cymbals, and finding your own personal style in belly dance.

You will learn about many different cultural dances and rhythms from the Middle East. 

Finger cymbals will be played, and from time to time veil, floor work and sword may be taught.

Ballet Basics for Belly Dance

Cassandra Rose is proud to host Luna!

Get ready to point those toes, spot those turn and arch that back. Luna is here to share her tips from ballet to implement strong, clean technique into your belly dance. In this 6week, 90min class, Luna will guide the class through ballet terminology, arm and feet positions, steps and combinations, and how these can all translate into your belly dance routine. Start the New Year out right with this new and exciting 6 week class!

January 8th-February 12th
Sunday's 6:30pm-8pm

Brand New to Advanced. The vocabulary will be an introduction to ballet and how it can be translated into stronger belly dance technique.

$95/6week session, before January 1st
$110/6week session, After January 1st
Cash, Credit Card and Check accepted in person, pre-register with Paypal to
[email protected]

Cassandra Rose
*Minimum of 6 students, Maximum 18 students*

Register here for classes!


Pre-registration required ($20 late fee)


 $45/month – 1 class a week

 $85/month – 2 classes a week